Emerald City Theatre Fantastic Mr Fox? The 155 Top Answers

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Fantastic Mr. Fox – Emerald City Theatre

Fantastic Mr. Fox – Emerald City Theatre
Fantastic Mr. Fox – Emerald City Theatre

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Emerald City Theatre presents FANTASTIC MR. FOX Review

Emerald City Theatre presents Fantastic Mr. Fox: … Adapted from Roald Dahl’s novel by Dav Wood, the play follows Mr. Fox (Mario Aivazian), a …

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Date Published: 11/4/2021

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Fantastic Mr. Fox Reviews – Theatre In Chicago

Fantastic Mr. Fox. Emerald City Theatre at Victory Gardens Theater – Biograph. Thru – Jan 12, 2019. Click Here for Discounted Tickets.

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Date Published: 9/21/2022

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Fantastic Mr. Fox [Emerald City Theatre] – Christine Trevino

My family was given five free tickets to see Emerald City’s presentation of Fantastic Mr. Fox at Victory Gardens Theater in exchange for …

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Date Published: 8/8/2021

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Fantastic Mr. Fox in Chicago at Emerald City Theatre 2019

News About Fantastic Mr. Fox at Emerald City Theatre … Victory Gardens Theater continues its 45th season with the Co-World Premiere of How to Defend Yourself by …

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Date Published: 11/26/2022

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Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox (Emerald City Theatre) – Paperblog

It’s not every performance that begins with two children in a fistfight. To be fair, this wasn’t part of Emerald City’s Fantastic Mr. Fox – but it was a result …

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Date Published: 9/19/2021

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Emerald City’s family production of ‘Mr. Fox’ at Victory Gardens …

By Jori Waldron Emerald City Theater is putting on a production of Fantastic Mr. Fox this holay season. This production is faithful to the …

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Date Published: 4/12/2022

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Portfolio > Fantastic Mr. Fox – Michelle Lilly – scenic designer

Fantastic Mr. Fox adapted by Dav Wood based on the book by Roald Dahl Emerald City Theater at Victory Gardens Theater. Director: Jacqueline Stone

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Date Published: 2/6/2022

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Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox (Emerald City Theatre) | Illinois To Do

Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox (Emerald City Theatre) … What began as a simple Roald Dahl book is now, in the hands of adaptor Dav Wood and director Jacqueline …

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Date Published: 3/14/2022

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Fantastic Mr. Fox Reviews

Chicago Theater Review – Highly Recommended “…From the moment the audience enters the theater it is pure magic. Instruments are played, songs are sung, bubbles are blown, finger plays are shared and beach balls are thrown around the audience. It’s guaranteed.” that even the shyest kid will jump right in and be ready for the story to unfold before their wide open eyes. Fun? Yes sir! Frantic? Natural! Fantastic? Indeed!” Read the full review -Colin Douglas

Chicagoland Musical Theater – Highly Recommended “…The original songs for this production are often upbeat, catchy romp, such as the one about digging sung by the foxes (Adhana Reid, Rebecca Keeshin and Mario Aivazian). Mrs. Fox (Tia Pinson) stands out with a particularly beautiful voice when she sings to her two fox children. Some of the songs get a little spooky, though, as the peasants clink shovels on metal poles while singing about the foxes digging up. Then later they bring big machines to dig deeper and faster to get at the foxes.” Read full review – Jori Waldron

Chicago On Stage – Highly Recommended “…Overall, for the wonderful acting and amazing introduction to the importance of the technical aspects of theater in the creation of the story, I would recommend Fantastic Mr. Fox for those who want both a complicated and . . Having a no-fuss Roald has Dahl relationships.” Read the full review – Karen Topham

Fantastic Mr. Fox in Chicago at Emerald City Theatre 2019

Fantastic Mr. Fox at the Emerald City Theater Dates 12/9/2018 – 1/12/2019 Theater Emerald City Theater

2936 N Southport Ave, 3rd floor

Chicago, Illinois

buy tickets

Roald Dahls’ much-loved story about Mr. Fox – great husband, father and villain – who tries to outsmart the repulsive Boggis, Bunce and Bean, the meanest and meanest three farmers you will ever meet. They team up to get rid of Mr. Fox, but things don’t go exactly as planned!

News of the fantastic Mr. Fox at the Emerald City Theatre

Victory Gardens Theater continues its 45th season with Liliana Padilla’s HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF

January 06, 2020

Victory Gardens Theater continues its 45th season with the co-world premiere of How to Defend Yourself by Liliana Padilla directed by Marti Lyons. A co-world premiere with the Actors Theater of Louisville, How to Defend Yourself runs January 24-February 23, 2020, with a press screening on Friday, January 31, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. at the Victory Gardens Theater, 2433 N .Lincoln Ave.

Mercury Theater Chicago announces cast of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS

February 21, 2019

Walter Stearns, executive director of the Mercury Theater Chicago, today announced the cast and creative team for the upcoming LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, which will be shown on the Main Stage from March 1st to April 28th. The press opening will take place on Sunday, March 10th at 7:30 p.m. For more than 30 years, this hit sci-fi musical has captured the hearts of viewers around the world and follows the story of a flower wizard who stumbles upon a new species of carnivorous plant that promises him fame, fortune and all his desires – for how long the blood flows. LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS will showcase the creative talents of Walter Stearns (director), Eugene Dizon (musical director) and Christopher Carter (choreographer).

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Emerald City Theater

Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox (Emerald City Theatre)

Sleek design and talented cast facilitate frenetic customization

Review by Lauren Emily Whalen

Not every performance begins with a fistfight between two children.

To be fair, that wasn’t part of Emerald City’s Fantastic Mr. Fox — but it was the result of the cast throwing beach balls at the audience (while also running up and down the aisles), leading to a kerfuffle between the siblings my row. The minutes before the curtain seemed to consist of teasing the little viewers as much as possible before being reassured at the beginning of the show. Energy is wonderful, especially the pure, innocent energy of a child. Unfortunately, that screaming and screaming was symptomatic of the entire 75-minute two-act adaptation. What started out as a simple book by Roald Dahl is now, in the hands of writer David Wood and director Jacqueline Stone, an hour-plus Fantastic Mr. Fox that’s too bright, too screamy, and just too much.

The fantastic Mr. Fox a few years ago with his now iconic quirk. Director Stone and her production team seem to have emulated the Anderson atmosphere with Alison Siple’s vibrant earth-toned costumes, Michelle Lilly’s two-story set with twinkling fairy lights, and Jamal Howard’s whimsical choreography. Visually, Emerald City’s Fantastic Mr. Fox is thoughtful and downright elegant. The cast is spot on too, from Mario Aivazian’s protective fox father, to Brianna Buckley’s wide-eyed, dynamic narrator, to the adorable fox children, played by Rebecca Keeshin and Adhana Reid.

If only Wood and Stone had left them alone well enough.

The fantastic Mr. Fox has a simple story: the title character (Aivazian) and his family just want to live their happy, mostly underground life, but are being terrorized by a trio of mean hunters (Aaron Lawson, Isa Arciniegas and Jeffrey Hoge). When Mr. Fox and the kids must go on the run, they find friendship and help from a sympathetic parent-child Badger team (Buckley and Elleon Dobias). Dahl’s books stand the test of time for good reason: from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Matilda, they believe in the power of the human spirit to overcome the toughest of obstacles. All in all, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a cute, family-friendly parable.

However, Wood’s adaptation (with music by John Kirkpatrick and Peter Parham) does its best to yell, “We’re quirky!” on every corner. From chaotic and ultimately unforgettable production numbers to non-stop bits of comedy and rhyming dialogue, the script never slows down and takes a moment. Wood seems to assume that young viewers need to be stimulated every microsecond, which is not only patronizing but potentially damaging to some. And Stone is 100% on this ride.

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Emerald City has a history of staging beautiful family-oriented productions: their 2016 Charlie Brown Christmas was a favorite of mine, as well as my adult siblings and mom. Also their Snowy Day and have found just the right balance between lively enough for the little ones and affirming for the adults accompanying them. Children are intelligent and thoughtful, and Wood seems to have forgotten that in his so loud and frenetic Fantastic Mr. Fox, the message of family and community is thoroughly overshadowed. I can’t speak for the long-dead Dahl, but I can’t help but wonder if he would even recognize this two-act narrative.

Fantastic Mr. Fox continues through January 12th at the Victory Gardens Theater, 2433 N. Lincoln (map) with daytime and evening performances. Tickets cost $20 and are available by calling (773-871-3000) or online through VictoryGardens, org (check availability at ). Learn more at EmeraldCityTheatre, com. (Running time: 75 minutes, including break)

Brianna Buckley (Badger, Narrator), Mario Aivazian (Mr. Fox), Tia Pinson (Mrs. Fox), Aaron Lawson (Boggis), Isa Arciniegas (Bunce), Jeffrey Hoge (Bean, Rat), Jeanne T. Arrigo (Mabel , Ensemble), Rebecca Keeshin (Fox Kid 1), Adhana Reid (Fox Kid 2), Elleon Dobias (Badger Kid; Mabel Understudy), Emma Sheikh (Badger, Mrs. Fox Understudy), Diego Colón (Mr. Fox Understudy), Tim Leuke (Boggis, Bean understudy), Shea Lee (Bunce, Badger Child understudy), Sara Geist (Fox Child understudy)


Jacqueline Stone (Director), Julia Schade Armstrong (Music Director), Jamal Howard (Choreographer), Alejandro Tey (Fight Director), Eli Newell (Assistant Director), Michelle Lilly (Set Design), Alison Siple (Costume Design), Keith Parham (Lighting Design), Jeffrey Levin (sound design), Joe Craig (props design), Aaron Shapiro (production manager), Marcus Carroll (production stage manager), Charlie Lovejoy (floor manager), Travis Bihn (cloakroom manager), Ian Scarlato (sound engineer), Johnny Schleyer (technical manager), Honoria Ivankovich (guest assistant director), Austin D. Oie (photos)

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