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New Roof Installation and Roof Repair in Lexington \u0026 Columbia, SC by Sands Roofing and Construction

New Roof Installation and Roof Repair in Lexington \u0026 Columbia, SC by Sands Roofing and Construction
New Roof Installation and Roof Repair in Lexington \u0026 Columbia, SC by Sands Roofing and Construction

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Emergency Roof Repair in Lexington, Irmo, & Nearby SC

If you have a roof emergency or need any of our other roofing services, call us at 1-844-277-5574 or click below for a free estimate in Irmo, Lexington, …

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Date Published: 5/19/2021

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20 Best 24 Hour Emergency Roofing in Lexington SC | Angi

Find the best 24 hour plumbers in Lexington – See ratings and read real reviews on roofers in Lexington that do emergency repairs.

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Emergency Roof Repair – Bone Dry Roofing Lexington

Emergency Roof Repair from Bone Dry. Call 877-BONE-DRY for fast, effective repairs for wind, hail and other storm damage!

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Date Published: 6/17/2021

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Storm Master Roofing of Lexington, SC – Emergency Roof …

Storm Master Roofing & Construction proves Free Roofing Inspections, Emergency Roof & Leak Repair, and Wind & Hail Roof Replacement in Lexington SC.

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Quality Roof Repair Lexington SC – Klaus Roofing Systems

Don’t wait until you have a leaky roof and water damage to have your roof inspected by a Klaus roof repairs contractor. Roof repairs, both routine and emergency …

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Lexington, SC Roofers | Roof Repair & Remodeling Contractors

Our roofers offer new roof installations, roof repairs, and home remodeling services in Lexington, SC. Get a quote today!

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Roofers In Lexington SC – Mayhem Roofing

Lexington SC roofing contractors. We are your local platinum level roofing company In Columbia SC. Hire the best roofers for your new roof.

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20 Best 24 Hour Emergency Roofing in Lexington SC

We couldn’t be happier with David and the work done. We bought our house in November and inherited a leak. Earlier this year I contacted another company who gave us a much higher estimate and suggested other expensive repairs. When the owner of the other company tried to understand the cost and rationale for the work, he was condescending and agitated. So my search for a contractor continued and I didn’t know where to turn with so many companies to choose from. I called another Angie’s List company but when my voicemail went unanswered for 24 hours I contacted MBG. My voicemail was promptly returned by MBG and an appointment made. David arrived on time and gave me 2 estimates for the work and said he would determine which route we needed to take once they settled on it. Both prices were reasonable so I booked him for work. On the day of the repair, he went for the lower estimate and sealed the vent pipes on the roof as an extra service. David was friendly and professional and he was willing to take the time to explain the issues and solutions. It has rained about 5 times since the repairs were completed and we have not seen any water seep into the house. I will definitely be contacting MBG again if we have any further concerns and for roof maintenance. Thank you for your honesty and integrity, certainly a great way to secure long-term business and client referrals 🙂

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Bone Dry Roofing Lexington

Emergency roof repairs

Wind, rain, snow, ice, hail, fallen debris – we take care of everything!

No homeowner ever anticipates a roof emergency. But sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. When an unexpected event damages your roof, it’s important to get professional repairs done quickly to restore the integrity of your roof and prevent damage to the interior of your home.

At Bone Dry Roofing, our roof repair experts are always on hand with the equipment and expertise needed to repair all types of roof damage quickly and effectively. As one of the most trusted roofing companies in the Midwest, we have the resources to solve any problem you may have.

Call 877-BONE-DRY for fast, effective repairs for wind, hail, and other storm damage!

We take care of all roof-related emergencies:

Fallen branches and debris

Torn or blown off shingles and/or roofing

Ice dams and ice build-up in valleys

Improper Installation by Another Roofer (Not Bone Dry!)

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Lightning errors at roof penetrations, around chimneys, ventilation shafts and dormer windows

Delayed maintenance and natural wear and tear due to weather and UV radiation

No matter what caused your damage, we’ll solve your roof emergency, restore the integrity of your roof and get your home back to normal!

Call us first for repairs that last

When your roof suffers significant damage, a quick response is essential. For this reason, your first call should be to Bone Dry Roofing. We can quickly provide you with temporary repairs such as B. Provide emergency tarps to mitigate damage and minimize water ingress. Once the storm subsides, we’ll return for more complete and permanent roof repairs. If the damage is particularly extensive, we can offer you a complete roof replacement.

Our roofing specialists can also help streamline communication with your insurance company and coordinate with other companies to ensure all work is done correctly and interior damage is minimised. This includes providing estimates and documenting repair costs, which can help expedite the insurance claim process.

Problems with the roof? Call Bone Dry immediately at 877-BONE-DRY for a roof repair from hell!

Roof Repair & Remodeling Contractors

The best in roofing AND the best roofing company to work with

Sands Roofing and Construction strives to be the best roofing contractor in Lexington by providing the absolute best quality in both the work we do and the service we provide to our customers.

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