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Winter Queen Awakes Ysera Cutscene WoW Shadowlands

Winter Queen Awakes Ysera Cutscene WoW Shadowlands
Winter Queen Awakes Ysera Cutscene WoW Shadowlands

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Euryalia, Queen of Ker-Ys |

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Date Published: 9/23/2021

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Euryalia, Queen of Ker-Ys by Anton Pryakhin “Seemann”

Euryalia, Queen of Ker-Ys. Usually I do not write long posts on my works, but here I would like to say a few words.

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Date Published: 12/10/2022

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Euryalia Queen of Ker-Ys | planetFigure | Miniatures

Euryalia has ruled Ker-Ys since that fell city was first built. She has been its Queen since the first stone was la, the first glyph struck, …

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Date Published: 5/29/2021

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Euryalia, Queen of Ker-Ys preview – Tabletop Gaming News

Maelstrom Games have posted a preview of the Euryalia, Queen of Ker-Ys figure for the Banelords fantasy range. Possibly NSFW From their …

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Euryalia, Queen of Ker-Ys | ВКонтакте

Фотография 1 из альбома Euryalia, Queen of Ker-Ys — Seemann от 16 мая 2021.

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Date Published: 10/28/2022

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Sword Of Ys – Lands of Darkness – Wikidot

The Swords of Ys are a named Melusine unit of the Ysian Kindred, Ker-Ys realm. The Melusines personify the warped lust of their Queen Euryalia and are …

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Date Published: 7/25/2021

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Euryalia Queen of Ker-Ys

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Lands of Darkness

Sword of Ys

Sword of the Ys Kindred Ysian Realm Ker-Ys Kin Melusine Class Infantry Omnipresence Rare Unit Size 5+/20 Base Size 30mm

The Swords of Ys are a named Melusine unit of the Ysian-Kindred, Ker-Ys Empire. Embodying the twisted lust of their Queen Euryalia, the Melusines are highly skilled with the blades they wield, a deadly combination for any man they face in (or out of) combat.

Official lore

Kernsa, mother of Sword Melusine: Kernsa is the embodiment of Sword Melusine. Mysterious and voluptuous, lithe and martial, unsettling and desirable, Kernsa has proven herself to be one of the ablest of Euryalia’s daughters, perhaps even the ablest to lift a sword in her name: for no blade ever hath her skin, and no foe touched has failed to fall under her enchanting singing. Thus she became a mother, a leader of the Melusines, an impeccable swordswoman who is totally devoted to her queen, for she was chosen to walk the path of the Melusines in the most formidable times. She has never strayed from this path, for within her lies a heart that beats only for Euryalia, a belief in her Queen that encompasses everything else in her life. It is even said that Kernsa’s origin is with Euryalia, such is her devotion, but no one would ever dare to address such a question. Indeed, few dare speak to her, for simply hearing her speak is enchanting: but in battle, when lust stalks her and unbroken foes roam, her plaintive song and distracting beauty are matched only by the dexterity of her sword surpassed—work and the fury with which she manages it.

Tecass, Sword Melusine Gigh: The essence of the Melusines and her Queen is easily seen as Tecass wields her Gigh and plants it in the ground in front of her to mark the field for Euryalia. It shows in obvious terms both the twisted temper of the Ysians and the ugly truth of their desires, for not only is it a symbol of the lust that the Melusines embody and inevitably fulfill for themselves, it is also a direct insult to perhaps the most unrelenting Euryalia’s enemy: nature itself. In the North and West, where the Earth Goddess is most worshiped, the Sighle na gCíoch is both a warning and a promise, for Danu knows that lust and desire have their place, as does woman and the Virgin have their place: but Euryalia’s appetite knows no bounds, and so the Melusines – through Tecass and others like them – display their evil temptations and beguiling nature without the balance that Danu brings to the gig for all to see and desire be able.

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Esyld, Sword Melusine Siren: Among the Sword Melusins ​​there are those whose plaintive songs are even more compelling than most, almost amusing, for seeing the goofy expressions on their victims’ faces while enchanted is practically as dangerous as it is to experience . Esyld’s songs are perhaps the most irresistible of all, but it’s not her song that makes her so dangerous; it’s the screeching power heard in her voice (some would say she endures it), a howling wail that can blow minds and shake consciousness. In battle, it is unleashed at the height of the clash and is aimed at the strongest foes arrayed against Euryalia’s army, and is so powerful that men fall to their knees, horses with or without riders rush away, and beasts rampage into the skies , without being able to understand what is happening and are unable to effectively control their limbs. Esyld can truly be said to be a killer even without her sword training and martial skills, both of which are on par with her sisters.

Alianne, Sword Melusine: The path of Melusine is long and bloody, with the only reward being a glorious death under the eyes of Euryalia. Until that death occurs, Alianne will travel this path in search of that reward, taking out the foes of her queen and goddess until she meets the foe she longs for, the foe to evade her flashing blade and her siren call can ignore: for the Melusines not only the tricks of the fight are taught. Her martial prowess may be legendary, but such skills are easy to respect, while her plaintive screams and distracting nature can roll eyes and dull the brain to the point where enemies just can’t put their weapons on her even if they wanted to. Indeed, it is rare for Alianne’s blade – forged and given to her by Euryalia herself, like all Sword Melusins ​​- to strike an enemy before being struck by her beauty or her voice: even the beasts and creatures of the world, not to mention Men with their base desires and base instincts cannot resist Melusine’s song.

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Ygerna, Sword Melusine: The secrets of the Melusines lie solely with Euryalia, for their loyalty to their queen and goddess is absolute. Their legends, however, are numerous and varied, confused with the sairens and the mermaids and the mermaids, and in spite of their thirst and deeds they have become objects of desire to many foolish men and women; and so their origins and true nature remain lost to all but a few, as Euryalia designed. However, Ygerna’s desires quickly bring the truth of the Melusines to Euryalia’s black city, for her predatory nature overcomes her discipline, and while Euryalia knows her black city is but an arena of depravity to be used at will, there are still opportunities for her many Enemies to negate the power within, including the knowledge and understanding of their citizens through spies and sellswords. So, it is said, Ygerna walks a fine line between usefulness and inconvenience, for the attention of the foolish Eastern Emperor and the coastal raiders is always on her and Ker-Ys, and while Ygerna’s skills are prodigious, she must fulfill her desires on the Silent Battlefield instead of Patrician.

Concept: Robert Lane & Tim Fisher

Artist: Christophe Madura

Sculptor: James van Schaik

Painter: Sebastien Picque

Miniature History

The Swords of Ys were part of the Banelegions series and were first offered here via the original Darklands: A World at War Kickstarter.


During the Darklands: New Kindreds Kickstarter, alternative warrior sculpts based on the gigh-bearer and the siren were offered.

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