G.4 Blue Mint Slim All White? Top 40 Best Answers

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G.4 Slim All White Blue Mint Snus Review

G.4 Slim All White Blue Mint Snus Review
G.4 Slim All White Blue Mint Snus Review

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G.4 Blue Mint Slim All White Portion – Snus.us

G.4 Blue Mint is the all white snus with flavor of peppermint and a subtle touch of vanilla and spearmint for that extra sweetness to keep you going. With its …

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Date Published: 11/27/2022

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G.4 Blue Mint Slim – Snusexpress

G.4 Blue Mint with all white portions as white as snow. With the flavor of peppermint and a hint of spearmint and vanilla, without any traces of tobacco.

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G.4 Blue Mint Slim All White

G.4 Blue Mint Slim All White is a slim, dry, all-white snus from Swedish Match with a taste of peppermint and hints of spearmint and vanilla.

G.4 Blue Mint has soft white pouches with no tobacco flavor. Although this is a regular snus, G.4 Blue Mint gives you the fresh feel of pure white tobacco and a super refreshing mint taste. The nicotine strength is the lowest in the G.4 series at 12 mg/g, perfect for both novice and experienced users who want a ‘softer’ snus with a great taste.

The General G.4 Series brings you stripped-down all-white pouches and a variety of fresh flavors.

G.4 Blue Mint Slim All White

G.4 (All White) Blue Mint has a slightly sweet taste of peppermint along with delicious hints of spearmint and a more earthy mint character in the background. A classic tobacco character is also indicated, albeit only very slightly. By using peppermint, the pleasant and well-known cooling effect occurs after applying a portion under the lip.

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As always with General products, the taste is fantastic, well executed and of excellent quality, but that is not why we have longed to bring you this snus. We’re excited because this is a new generation in the General family and features pure white tobacco that won’t stain your teeth or drip. It is portioned in soft, slim pouches with a convenient shape to best fit under your lip. Nicotine: 12 mg/g

It’s refreshing to see that such a classic brand isn’t afraid to innovate and then produce a snus that is almost the complete opposite of the first generation General, brilliant, bold, daring and well – great! Very cool Swedish match. The product name ‘G.4’ stands for the fourth generation of General, which hopefully means we’ll be seeing more of these all-white snus products from General soon!

G.4 Blue Mint Slim All White Portion

G.4 Blue Mint Slim All White Portion is the perfect choice for you who want to enjoy pleasant kicks and a fresh mint taste in a discreet way. Its all-white and slim snus portions deliver medium-strength nicotine hits (9mg/portion) along with a fresh peppermint flavor topped with sweet and smooth tones of spearmint and vanilla.

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The filling of the portions consists of both natural plant fibers and refined tobacco. An innovative filling that gives them their all-white character, meaning they don’t stain and have minimal dripping. This minimal amount of dripping, in turn, ensures that they deliver a sustained release of mint and nicotine.

G.4 Blue Mint Slim All White Portion – A minty and discreet portion snus from General’s all white G.4 brand. You can now buy yours online right here at BuySnus.com!

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