G37 Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters? The 123 New Answer

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Installing PADDLE SHIFTERS on the G37

Installing PADDLE SHIFTERS on the G37
Installing PADDLE SHIFTERS on the G37

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fit’s 370z, g37, q50, fx37 and more! – VQcarbonCustoms

OEM infiniti / nissan paddle shifter’s with real carbon fiber.ships within 6 week’sfirst picture shows what the oem paddles look like so if yours match …

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Date Published: 1/19/2021

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Fly1 Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters — Fly1 Motorsports


Our Fly1 carbon fiber paddle shifters are complete OEM replacement parts, bringing superior style and functionality to your ride! Almost 2 inches longer than your factory paddle shifters, these parts feature a solid aluminum core for strength and a secure feel.

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*This is a direct replacement for the Nissan 370Z, Nissan GT-R, Infiniti G37 and Infinit Q50.

**Please select “Small Accent Pieces” for shipping during checkout

Nissan 370Z GT-R / Infiniti G37 NISSGTR35PADDLE

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G35 07-08 G37 09-14 Extended Length Upgrade Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifter Kit

TOP SPEED PRO-1 Extension Upgrade Carbon Fiber Shift Paddle Kit


For Pair Left + Right / Each paddle is 7.25 inches long from top to bottom

Direct Factory Paddle Shifter Replacement Upgrade / Just remove the OEM Paddle Shifter and install the new upgrade Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifter

Infiniti G35 Sedan 2007-2008 / Infiniti G37 Coupe & Sedan 2009-2014

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Actual installed images on 370Z for illustration purposes

Coated with a glossy UV finish

Many other carbon fiber paddle shifters are not made from a cast aluminum base and are prone to cracking at the mounting base with prolonged use on the road or track

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