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The Power Of LAPIS LAZULI. Crystal’s Frequency [Open Your Third Eye]

The Power Of LAPIS LAZULI. Crystal’s Frequency [Open Your Third Eye]
The Power Of LAPIS LAZULI. Crystal’s Frequency [Open Your Third Eye]

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How to Open your Third Eye Chakra with Lapis Lazuli

Do you want to open your psychic third eye chakra? What does that even mean? What powers do you gain when your third eye is open?

The third eye chakra is the most mystical of all seven. While the crown chakra is about your spiritual connection, the third eye is all about seeing clearly in both worlds of existence. Get a clear perspective of the meaning of your physical life as well as that of your spiritual path.

Lapis Lazuli is the number one choice for opening the third eye chakra. It perfectly matches the navy blue color of the third eye chakra. It is the stone of “Total Consciousness” that brings you a perspective that is omnipotent and multidimensional.

Once you open your third eye chakra, you have unlimited access to your intuitive abilities, psychic powers, visions of the spirit world, and a deep understanding of life’s purpose.

Isn’t it time you tap into your third eye chakra with the unmatched powers of lapis lazuli gemstones?

What is my third eye chakra?

Your third eye chakra is one of the seven main energy points in your body. It is between your two physical eyes and slightly above. It is associated with the color blue: the same rich hue you find on lapis lazuli gemstones.

The third eye chakra is where you get ideas and gain the power to turn them into reality. This is also where you can see the bigger picture of the meaning of your life. Finally, the third eye chakra allows some people to see beyond physical reality. This is called clairvoyance – the ability to see the spirit world.

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To learn more, visit your guide to healing the Third Eye Chakra.

What am I seeing through my third eye chakra?

There are things you can “see” when you open the third eye chakra with lapis lazuli. They can come as visions, messages or revelations. Everyone has different experiences. Some people have natural abilities and may be born with an open third eye chakra, while others can work at it for a lifetime. If you don’t have the natural gift, the general rule of thumb is that “practice makes perfect”.

Here are some things you can experience with an open third eye:

spiritual benefits

See or feel your spirit guides, guardian angels, archangels, masters and deities

Hear messages from Higher Beings

Dive deep into your intuition via your Higher Self

Access the Akashic Records of the past, present and future

Understand your spiritual goal

Contacting left-over relatives and ancestors

While some people experience these as actual visions, other people can hear messages physically or have them drift into the mind. Some people see higher beings as colors or shapes, while others have more feelings and sensations, sometimes even physical ones.

Worldly Benefits

Gain new, innovative business ideas and also see how they can be implemented so that they become manifestations

Use your intuition to know what choices to make when making important life decisions. This includes guides on love, finance, friendship, spirituality and more.

Understand your life meaning and purpose

Better empathy for others through a better understanding of human existence

Alleviate long-term emotional despair, fears, anger, and anxiety by overcoming an ego-driven mindset

Although the spiritual and worldly benefits are separated so that we can better understand the concepts, those with an open Third Eye understand that the two worlds function simultaneously.

How do I open my third eye chakra with lapis lazuli?

Lapis Lazuli is the gemstone that specifically vibrates with the frequency of the third eye chakra. It can be used to enhance your spiritual vision and your worldly insights.

Here are 5 rituals you can do to make your third eye bloom like a bright blue flower:

#1 Place a lapis stone on the third eye for visualization

The most powerful and direct way for you to benefit from the healing energies of Lapis Lazuli’s Third Eye Chakra is to place a flat stone directly on your Third Eye while lying down. Choose an oval or rounded blue lapis lazuli stone if you want it to perfectly fit your third eye, which is between your two physical eyes and about 1 inch higher. Pyramids are also a good choice. The lapis energy goes straight into your chakra.

The best type of activity in this layout is visualization meditations. Visualization meditations are those in which you conjure up images while undertaking shamanic journeys. This could be in the spirit realm where you see yourself meeting higher beings or passed over loved ones. These could also be earthly visualizations of yourself taking action to achieve specific goals. You can also use this technique when reciting affirmations.

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To learn how to write affirmations, visit our Affirmation Tutorial.

You can also use these 12 Satin Crystals Lapis Lazuli Affirmations.

#2 Gridding with lapis during meditations and affirmations

To further enhance your results, instead of just placing stones on your third eye, surround yourself with a latticework of lapis as well. For the layout grid, you can select any shape of lapis lazuli such as eggs, polished stones, spheres, or animal spirit guides and place them around your body.

When you use spirit animals in your grid, program them to help keep you safe on the journey and get you where you need to be.

When you use stone eggs in your grid, you are programming them to bring you new ideas, innovations, and revelation through the third eye chakra.

When you use spheres in your grid, you are programming them to give you an overall overall awareness of any challenge you face, so that you can meet it with ease and a wise, spiritual perspective.

#3 Crystal ball peering into lapis spheres

Crystal ball vision is the epitome of vision that goes beyond the ordinary. Crystal ball vision is about seeing a higher perspective, which is a goal that aligns perfectly with the energy of your Lapis Lazuli Sphere. The choice of lapis orbs for scouting is geared towards helping you with psychic visions.

Lose yourself in the ocean of blue minerals that will enchant you with the gold and white gem patterns. Large orbs placed in front of you are great for staring at. Smaller pieces can also be used, with the benefit of holding them in your hands during other spiritual ceremonies.

For detailed clairvoyance techniques, see our crystal ball gaze tutorial.

#4 Lapis for Psychic Readings and Tarot Card Readings

Because Lapis is aligned with your psychic third eye, it is a perfect choice when performing or receiving psychic readings. Lapis opens your third eye and allows you to get in touch with other people’s emotions. Choose any type of lapis you would like to have during your sessions in psychic readings, tarot card reading or divination.

For a stronger connection, have your client hold a piece of lapis as well.

#5 Lapis jewelry to see the spirit world on the go

Did you know that many mental activities take place directly above our physical world? This means that energy is moving all around you, beyond the range of your eyes.

If you want to enter the spirit world here and now, wear lapis lazuli jewelry. Whether you’re going to the park, to the grocery store, or to work, there are layers of energy that exist on the same plane as the one you live on.

Program your lapis jewelry to help you see the spirit world. It could be a lapis ring, bracelet, pendant, necklace, earrings or even cufflinks. Be very aware of your mission and remember that this is not an overnight achievement for most of us.

Lapis for a lifetime

Opening the third eye chakra takes a lifetime of practice, sometimes multiple lifetimes. If you can’t see clairvoyant quickly, you are not alone. Most of us develop the third eye through a lot of hard and consistent work over the years. Some of us may have been born with natural gifts and wish to hone our skills.

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As you work with Lapis throughout your life, take pride in the small steps, the visions you gain, the insights you begin to actualize, and the calm, knowing presence that begins to infiltrate your personality.

Get your lapis lazuli

Have you worked on your third eye chakra with lapis lazuli? Don’t wait another day. Get your gems and jewelry from the Lapis Lazuli collection at Satin Crystals.

You can also find your favorite pieces right here:

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Lapis Lazuli for stimulating the third eye, memory, focus & drive

Lapis lazuli is a combination of minerals such as lazurite, sodalite, calcite and pyrite.

This deep indigo stone resonates and awakens the third eye, stimulates the pineal gland and enhances dreams, vision and imagination. It helps us to search deep within our soul to awaken to our true destiny and divine purpose. It is a crystal of first self-knowledge and second self-expression and has long been held sacred by ancient civilizations.

Lapis connects the spiritual and physical worlds and aids in manifestation. It is ideal for introspection, reflection and even shamanic journeying. It supports the learning process and helps memory. It represents the gods, power, spirit, vision, wisdom and truth.

This listing is for 1 piece of lapis lazuli. Tumbles are approximately 1/2″ to 1″ in diameter. Premium Tumbles are slightly larger and are a deeper blue with more gold veins. Roughs are approximately 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ in diameter.

Chakra: 5th and 6th, Throat and Third Eye Chakra

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

We select your stone(s) intuitively with care for you. Please note that this is a natural specimen and size, colour, shape and texture may vary.

Lapis Lazuli Palm/crystal Healing/third Eye Chakra

Buyers are responsible for the return shipping cost. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the loss in value is the responsibility of the buyer.

Buyers are responsible for the return shipping cost.

If the item is not returned in its original condition, the loss in value is the responsibility of the buyer. The seller pays the return costs. Contact them for details.

The seller pays the return costs. Contact them for details.

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