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Breed Profile: Navajo Churro Sheep — MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Breed Profile: Navajo Churro Sheep — MOTHER EARTH NEWS
Breed Profile: Navajo Churro Sheep — MOTHER EARTH NEWS

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Navajo Churro Wool – Etsy

Navajo Churro Wool Roving, Homegrown Natural Colors 4 oz. … Raw Navajo-Churro Sheep/Lamb Wool – Black/Brown/Silver Fleece 3 lb 13 oz.

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Date Published: 12/17/2022

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Weaving In Beauty Navajo-Churro Weaving Yarn Size 2

FIBER | 100% Navajo-churro wool, approximately 56-micron count (medium … that yarns match in color between runs, it is best to purchase enough yarn in the …

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Date Published: 1/30/2022

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Navajo Churro Wool

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Navajo-Churro Sheep Association

Resource Directory for Navajo Churro Fiber Products.

Click on any of the links below to go to the independent listings of Navajo Churro Sheep Association member websites that offer various products of this incredibly versatile animal. For raw fleece click here to go to the fleece directory.

Web: Email: bid[email protected] Phone: (503) 538-7987 Web:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (208) 562-1961 Multicolored Navajo churro roving and yarns in natural sheep and vegetable dyes. All yarns are single ply and spun at 600-800 yards per pound. Perfect for weaving! Finished woven, braided and hooked items. looms and weaving tools as well. Lazy S spring

PO Box 265

Pine, CO 80421 FB Farm Page FB Biz Page:

Wool and organic products Five Springs Farms Avery Hellman

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Petaluma, CA 94954

Email: [email protected] We offer Navajo Churro Yarn Undyed in a variety of colors.

To be listed, here are the requirements:

* Farms must be paid members of the N-CSA.

* Products (yarn, roving, fabric, buttons, skulls, etc.) should be made from Navajo Churro sheep.

* $10 annual fee is paid to the N-CSA office (click here for info). The fee also allows inclusion in the fleece directory. A brief description of the offer and a photo should be sent with the fee.

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