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5.0 out of 5 stars Thin & discreet under pants but really work! I love how small these are. They’re not bulky so they don’t show under my pants like some reusable pads I’ve used, and it’s easy to fold up and carry an extra. I use the larger size at night.

PeriodMate, Lunapads, Gladrags, Party in my Pants Cloth Pad Review

PeriodMate, Lunapads, Gladrags, Party in my Pants Cloth Pad Review
PeriodMate, Lunapads, Gladrags, Party in my Pants Cloth Pad Review

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A Party In My Pants – menstrual pads review!

I’ve never been one to try those new period panties or reusable pads. I hated the idea of ​​walking around in wet panties or stained, soaked pads. For some reason, the disposable idea suited me much better. I felt that the “ick” was further removed from my feminine parts.

But I was also intrigued by all the adorable blocks of fabric available on sites like Etsy etc. They were just… too cute for words. But my horror won the battle and I strayed back to my store-bought pads (organic or not, bleached or unbleached, etc.). And I’ve tried LOTS of them. I have refrained from tampons (for personal reasons) and only use them when necessary (like swimming!).

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Out of the blue, I was contacted by a girl from Party In My Pants, a company that makes fabric, reusable pads (and a few other adorable things). One of her co-workers had heavy periods due to endometriosis and found excellent coverage (and comfort) just by using her gargantuan night napkin called the Queen. She thought I might like to try her wares.

I didn’t see the email for about a month due to my surgery and recovery and it got lost in the fray. BUT I eventually stumbled upon it and wrote back to her all my concerns about using a cloth pad: the awkward factor, the wetness, lugging around a smelly wet pad in my purse all day, when I had to change during the day, had to wash it, and the fear that they just aren’t absorbent enough for my overactive, blood-pressing uterus.

Liz took the time to calm my fears, explained the wide range of pads available and threw together a gift pack for me. I let them know I would enjoy taking notes and sharing my thoughts on the blog. You know, just in case one of my readers had the same fears about cloth upholstery. BUT…I also let her know that if these bad boys let me down, the world would know. Ha!

Queue Auntie Flow: I started my period on the afternoon of August 17, 2018. I had a spare sanitary pad in my purse and put it on. The following afternoon, the postman brought a package from Party In My Pants (we’ll just call them PiMP from now on). I excitedly threw myself in and loved the selection of fun things Liz chose for me.

I have:

Medium: Feels like wearing this on my light to medium days for me. It’s thin but enough coverage to make me feel secure front to back. My medium is an adorable fox pattern. OMG. Too sweet.

Organic Super: Can we say that many times? And it has cute little sheep on it (including the black sheep!). Larger than the medium and slightly thicker.

Great overnight stay: GRUMPY CAT! It’s big enough where I won’t be afraid of leaking at all during the night.

Queen: The mother of all pads! This thing is MASSIVE. Full coverage…and I mean FULL coverage! According to the description it is for super-duper heavy bleeding or post parduum bleeding etc. The big stuff. (I wore this on my first night)

Test the queen (literally the front lace of my panties to the full back!)

That night I wore the queen to bed. I was skeptical. I had a heavy bleeding day but figured I could wash the sheets if I make a mess. I woke up surprised on Sunday morning: no leaks. I figured my bleeding would just leak out and sit on the pad’s adorable panda material: no. I was bone dry when I woke up. Usually my nights are heavy, especially on day 1 or day 2. The only proof I had my period? A few spots on the pandas. I have to admit: bloodying some panda bears was kind of satisfying! I got ready to shower, unzipped my queen, folded it, snapped it shut again, and put it next to my dirty laundry hamper for later. And, let’s be honest…I smelled it (curiosity killed the cat and all that jazz…). It didn’t smell like anything! When I change a normal pad, I stink to high heaven. I drop my underwear and the scent hits my nostrils. But these cloth pads? nope! What the hell?!?

Time for the organic super

Before showering I grabbed a pair of clean panties and the Organic Super – awww those cute sheep were next for my menstrual bout! Snapped it onto my underwear, showered and pulled up the incredibly soft fabric, ready for my day! I bled moderately to heavily throughout the day. The instructions say to change the PiMP pads when you feel wet. Well I never did. I literally wore that one pad ALL day…and night. I had a bit too much champagne and instead of changing into my Grumpy Cat Super Overnight pad, I just fell into bed while still wearing my pad from the morning. So naturally I expected to wake up to an overflowing, sticky mess. I woke up completely dry on Monday morning. There was barely a stain on the pad…on my adorable fluffy sheep. No leaks! NO ONE! Again: I opened my dirty pad, folded it, snapped it shut and placed it next to the dirty queen next to the laundry basket.

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The medium (squee, sooo cute!)

I donned the cute foxy medium pad for Monday mornings, ready to leave the house and get to work. The Medium felt far less flashy than the Super or the Queen. I walked around all day and barely realized I had it on. In the meantime, my flow was no longer available or low. I don’t think I’ve had pad stains all day.

So when I got home I decided my period would be short (Friday to Monday; four days) and I figured I’d wash the dirty ones for my next period. I expected them to stink: no. Not at all! Although Liz later instructed me to keep them dirty so they don’t get musty. I’ll grab them for transport (when I’m in public) and untie them when I’m home. I was sad that the Grumpy Cat sat sad, forgotten… and grumpy… in my drawer. Next time, Grumpy Cat, next time…

So I set the settings on the washing machine as advertised: cold water and a low dryer. My husband was so disgusted with the thought of menstrual blood in the laundry (as was I) that I made them their own small laundry load. They came out great! My sheep and fox look like new, but one or two pandas are still spotted. which is ok I expected it. And it’s not gross or anything because the pad is soap-fresh and clean.

As a precaution, I wore my Always pad to bed last night just to catch any residual bleeding. Do you want to hear a funny story? Apparently I wasn’t as close to being done as I thought… and woke up this morning to a leaking mess all over my underwear. Way to go “super absorbent 10x” non-reusable pad. Path. To. Walk. So I’m wearing my cloth pads right now?!? Everything clean and shiny? No… I have to attend an aqua aerobics class tonight and have decided to use tampons…

I thought I’d wait until my next period to post this review… but I’ve decided to post it now and update it over the months. Just so you all get an up-to-date opinion from Lisa on how these washable cloth pads hold up cycle after cycle.

But I loved her. They never leaked. They were adorable and made me smile every time I used the bathroom. They were easy to clean and not as gross as I thought. I’ll be buying a few more to add to my collection (I only have 4 at the moment… and my periods tend to last 5-8 days…) and we’ll see how it goes.

And I have to add: it felt REALLY good not to peel a sticky block out of a noisy package and make a bunch of junk. I didn’t think I’d really care that much about the ‘environmental factor’ of fabric upholstery…but last night when I opened up my plastic upholstery and threw away the packaging…it hit me a bit. That it was the first time I had to do that in days. And it really got me thinking about all the crap I’ve thrown out in the past.

For the September period I will also be purchasing their adorable (and inexpensive) little zipped “tote bag” that fits a couple of pads and I can discreetly carry in my purse (clean or dirty…). And next month I’ll actually put it out in a public toilet test.

Do you want to try them yourself?

The folks at Party In My Pants want YOU to try these for free too (well, the trial is free, but you pay a small shipping fee): All first-time customers can order a free trial pantyliner from PiMP’s website for the shipping cost ($3.99 US Dollars, US$7.99 Canada). And Party In My Pants let me know that domestic orders over $50 get free shipping.

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At the moment PiMP is selling its organic pads WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE! (the same price as the non-organic).

Selection, selection, delightful selection!!

There are over 75 patterns available at any one time, and customers can choose from many different fabric materials: cotton, flannel, double scrim (a looser weave that allows blood to absorb faster) and organic cotton, organic flannel, and organic double scrim. And there are 13 different sizes to choose from, along with a handy dandy ‘size guide’ to help you choose the best fit for your period!

How do I clean this thing?

The easiest way to wash and dry: after use, simply place the pad in the laundry basket so that it can dry (you don’t want it to stay wet for too long or it will get musty, especially in warm/humid climates ), then when you’re ready to do some laundry, simply machine wash with cold water, then air dry in the sun or tumble dry low. No rinsing or soaking necessary!

Can’t decide which patterns to choose?

I’ve been told that PiMP always has great deals (under the Steals & Deals tab on the site) including Surprise Party and Organic Surprise Party where customers can order pods at a reduced price – you choose which ones Size and material, and PiMP staff choose from a random selection of patterns! That sounds like a pretty fun surprise! I can’t wait to do this!

Bookface Contests!

And PiMP has lots of fun contests on its Facebook page, including ways to name new patterns.

my photos

yes i am disgusting I take pictures of things I shouldn’t. But I wanted you to SEE! And none of it is really disgusting…

Thanks to the crew at Party In My Pants for helping me jump off the springboard and embrace reusable menstrual products!

PS ~ There are no affiliate links in this review. I don’t want to earn money with you!!!! ❤

(Updated March 27, 2019)

Party In My Pants Cloth Pads

Party In My Pants’ all-in-one design makes for a thin, comfortable, and easy-to-use pad. Most commercially available cloth pads consist of two separate parts: a holder and an insert. Party In My Pants cloth pads have a cotton topsheet, an absorbent cotton core and a unique leakproof nylon underguard. No assembly required! Party In My Pants has no complicated parts to lose or misplace. And with no separate parts, the PIMP pads won’t shift or contract uncomfortably.

Party In My Pants are stitched around the edges, while most other reusable pads are sewn. Serging is faster but not as durable. Some people find that a serge stitch chafes or just plain irritates their skin. Also, you can only repair butt seams if you have a special sewing machine. If necessary, Party In My Pants can be easily repaired with a regular sewing machine or with a needle and thread, giving your pad an extra long life!

And who said pads have to be boring anyway? Party In My Pants believes your pads are an expression of your personal style, sense of humor or a celebration of your cycle! Whether it’s a cucumber, dinosaur, or floral pad, we’ve got a PIMP to match your unique style (and make you smile). No other company offers such a wide variety of fabric patterns or colors. Want choices? We have them! offers over 20 different fabrics in every size. The selection often changes as we introduce new fabrics. Sign up for our e-newsletter and be the first to know about new patterns!

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